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February 24, 2013


by yourewelcomeca


They say Fall is the best season for fashion.

When it comes to dogs, I’ve seen the most fashion during Winter.

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winterSunday Morning. We took a walk in the park.

This is what we found…

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter2Dogs. You’ll find them in every colour, in every shape

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter-00Love for dogs. As long as their dogs are happy, owners

don’t mind waking up early on a Sunday morning

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter-01Trudy wearing a stripe sweater posing with her proud owners

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter-6Hudson (left) & Co. A paparazzi captured this image of our

good friend Hudson(note his collar) hanging outwith a new pal

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter3Napoleon. Wearing his trendy plaid fleece

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter-5Accessories. “Macho” understands how important is

to have his water and food ready

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter-02Camouflage. Our friend “Wink” tries to remain unnoticed

in the concrete jungle of Toronto

yourewelcomeCA-dog-fashion-trinity-bellwoods-winter4Parka. “Bentley” is prepared for a cold winter in Toronto



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