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April 22, 2014


by yourewelcomeca

One third of the dogs don’t make it” Sara Gabriel, Canadian friends of Israel Guide Dog Centre


Breeding, raising and training a guide dog to assist visually impaired people,

is a rigorous process that takes approximate two years

Image via mothernaturenetwork


They begin their life service as early as two months old. They move then with their companion,

-usually students- who train them the guide dog basics; a process that can last over a year.

After qualifying as suitable, the dogs are taken for six months to a training facility.

Image via Pardo. Y.


Labradors and Golden Retrievers are know as more “adaptable” breeds.

Certainly a must have within the first two years of living.

Once a dog receives the certification,  the pet is ready to meet the potential partner.

Should a positive match result; the dog will be able to provide his master independency,

freedom and mobility for a period up to eight years.

Image via


These smart friends know they are on duty while they have their harness on.

As soon as the harness is removed, they need pets and love.

Image via charliethecheekymonkey


On May 22nd, 2014 The Israel Guide Dog Centre is holding a benefit concert

starring José Feliciano, well known singer of “Feliz Navidad”, at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Tickets can be purchased for $85/$70/$55 in person at the Theatre box office,

or by calling 1.855.985.2787 or online at

For more information visit

Imagen via Pinterest





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