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July 3, 2014



by yourewelcomeca

Mind sets are changing.

Let’s make an effort to be better humans; there will no longer exist a dividing line between genders…we are all equal!

Great message! -This is the future of ad campaigns…



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  1. Sean (the woman lover)
    Jul 4 2014

    Im not sorry and I fully disagree!
    Differences are what makes us human, unique and beautiful.
    If we were all the same gender we couldnt breed.
    Why is it bad that men and women are different?
    Always is pushing guilt on us as if we are all sexist and we NEED to change our outlook, I for one will not have this guilt pushed on me and do not accept it.
    Always doesnt even know me, who are they to judge me?
    At the end of the day they are a napkin and tampon company and they made this commercial so girls and women can feel an emotional connection to their brand and establish brand loyalty with the consumer SO THEY SELL MORE THEN THEIR COMPETITORS who probably dont have annoying pseudo positive social messages in their advertising campaign.
    Their products are ONLY for women, this commercial ONLY appeals to women.
    This commercial is whats sexist, pushing guilt on men and boys.
    You can see it in the poor young boys eyes, he isnt sexist either.
    More likely most of the girls he knows dont throw well and arent interested in throwing well.
    It doesnt mean they cant learn to throw well.
    I got news for you not all men are chauvinist!
    Im tired of being nagged at for things Ive never done.
    This commercial is instilling in the female collective mind that men are bad – REJECT IT!
    Men are good and they love you!
    Always doesnt care about you they just wanna sell their product.
    Not all girls like sports and thats okay!
    To generalize, theres things that girls are better then boys at and thats okay too.
    Just be who you are and do what you enjoy.
    Sell your tampons and spare me your moral judgement!
    Lets celebrate our differences rather then becoming a bland genderless androgynous population thats too afraid to express themselves for fear of reprisal!
    One word of advice. Formulate your own opinions and thoughts dont ever ever ever ever let a group of highly paid professional advertisers program your mind for you.
    We are all beautiful and different reject the guilt they are pushing on you!

    • Jul 5 2014

      Hi Sean:
      Thanks for reacting to my post. I, like you, love women and celebrate uniqueness, because we ALL complement each other. We have to understand that now times are changing. Same way you mentioned that back in the days we men were hunters, our role in society is evolving to a point where it does not matter what gender we are as long as we fulfill the purpose of our life. For example, in some parts of the world, the conscious level is changing in order to bring a baby to this world (now we think it twice). We are all influenced by one way or another by cartoons, films, sports, popular culture, etc. But we have to understand that is just the entertainment business, those are all distractions, we all need distractions from time to time, but we are learning to be wise about it and not be fooled anymore. To answer your comment, there is nothing bad if men and women are different. As a matter of facts we are all unique in our ways (regardless gender), since we make part of a higher structure beyond our understanding. But if we work on ways to complement each other and adjust our focus, our hearts, our minds, we can make a difference in this world.


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