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October 6, 2014


by yourewelcomeca

Fall is marathon season.


A few weeks ago, I witnessed a collision between a runner and a cyclist, and decided to write a guide to warn racer folks, to prevent that from happening again


Share the road. Whether you are running on a side walk or a running trail,

you will encounter living obstacles.

Have that in mind and be thoughtful to others.

Signal the person behind you if you are planning to turn right, left or to stop soon

yourewelcomeCA_bike_speed ywca_signals

Pay attention to the signs. Specially if you are crossing a busy intersection.

Don’t get lost on that awesome track in your music player and be aware of your surroundings


Always look down. Look to the sky for some motivation but also check the pavement regularly.

You don’t want to end like this pal in the image


Image by: taylorshocks

#HiBack Campaign.  There’s nothing better than a  smile from a stranger to boost your energy.

In joint efforts with other runners,

we are encouraging  joggers to acknowledge each other and wave back as a nice gesture.

You can make the difference by reposting this link to everyone

who runs, walks, jogs or simply appreciate a random act of politeness.

Help us to spread this campaign #HiBack

yourewelcomeCA_enjoy_the_View_2 yourewelcomeCA_enjoy_the_View

Most importantly, take the time to admire what is around you.

I always take a moment to appreciate simple things


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