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November 5, 2015


We made it!!! First taste of Tokyo 

by yourewelcomeca

Narita airport. After 15+ hours of travel time, we finally made it. Kudos to the crew at Delta airlines who made the plane ride a pleasent experience


  First subway ride

We hit a supermarket and had our first fancy dinner full of deliciousness and new flavours
 Meet the capsule hotel. First night wasn’t that bad. As per my first post; no I couldn’t sleep more than 8hrs on the plane and I am Malala memoir is captivating from the beginning.

   Vending machines everywhere
  Hotel lobby 
Fancy a hot-dog?


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  1. Nov 7 2015

    I hope you tried some of the desserts at family mart! Radojko was brave and ate a hot dog. I wasnt that brave. They have these chocolate twist cakes that are delicious!

    • Nov 7 2015

      Hello Drea! Family Mart is the best, we have one in the opposite corner of our hotel. I wasn’t brave to try that hot-dog either, but we had the delicious bake goods, those are good. I will post soon one of the most terrifying things I have eaten. Keep you posted, thanks for following =9


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