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November 11, 2015

Tsukiji Fish Market, Buddhist Temples and Yurakucho Area

by yourewelcomeca

IMG_4026A trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market is not an ordinary field trip, as the premises are strictly accommodated to make commerce exchange and not to cater tourists. We got trapped in the middle of the market where little vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles came from every cardinal point. Overall a good experience, but unsure I will repeat it again


A good thing of the fish market though, is that you can see a wide variety a fish species and get fresh sushi in nearby restaurants. I personally tried sushi on the street where you had to eat standing

DSCN6140DSCN6147Our next stop was ‘Tokyo Daijingu’ one of the city’s more powerful shrines to celebrate LOVE

DSCN6218DSCN6231Followed by a visit to the Zōjō-ji Temple, located in the neighbourhood of Minato, Tokyo. The temple is located near the Tokyo tower. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and we couldn’t have a good view of it. The sculptures in the second picture are part of a monument made of stone statues dedicated to the unborn children of Japan

DSCN6177This was one of my favourite dishes I tried in Japan: Okonomiyaki traditional from Hiroshima. A special dish not only for its deliciousness but also because Hiroshima is Ayae’s and Kanae’s home townDSCN6268We didn’t want at the beginning, but we HAD to do a Sake tasting because it ended up being a rainy day [insert ‘yeah-right’ here] We had the chance to try Sake from various regions in Japan. Kampai!!!DSCN6295

The Izakaya (Japanese taverns) under the train tracks at Yurakucho is one of the most recommended places to have a pint or two. The district resembles an underground area full of impromptu restaurants with milk crates as seats. A wonderful atmosphere right up our alley [exercising my pun muscle]

DSCN6316We finished our trip walking in front of the railway Tokyo station, the busiest traffic station in Japan.

Here are some videos showing technology and robots in Japan

Stay tuned for our next adventure….




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