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November 18, 2015

Down under! Cairns and Palm Cove beach

by yourewelcomeca

Hello everyone. It has been an intense past week with lots of activities and reflecting on what is happening around the globe.

With our posts, we are trying to show you how wonderful Mother Earth is, especially the people who lives in it!

By contemplating nature, we can learn how to live in HARMONY.

We send you thoughts of gratitude. This space is created as a reminder that we are in this world to LOVE each other.


FullSizeRenderPalm Cove, Queensland, Australia . One of my favourite spots in the area. We took public transit one hour away from our hostel in Cairns. The buses are comfortable and well equipped with AirCon (A/C)


The first picture shows how awesome the public swimming pool in Cairns is. They called it “The Lagoon”, a space for everyone to have a quick swim near the sea, as the actual ocean waters are not recommended as we are in stinger (jellyfish) and crocodile season. Below you will find a photo of Backpackers INN where we stayed


One of the nights, the hostel hosted a reptile exhibition. In the first one you can see Krystal holding what appears to be a bearded dragon. In the second, the reptile expert rubs a crocodile belly.

I will leave you with a video of a random night at the hostel. Two guests performed La la la, good times!

Most posts of Cairns to come!

Besos and spread the LOVE everywhere you go…

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