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November 21, 2015


Hikes and more hikes! Cape Tribulation, Daintree Forest and Mt. Whitfield

by yourewelcomeca

Krystal likes to hike. And even though I am not a great hiker, I do enjoy a good lookout and that feeling when you are at the top of a mountain. Hiking is definitely a habit I would like to continue cultivating. Here is a good collection of images taken from our latest adventures in Australia.DSCN6629

Breathtaking view of the Daintree Rainforest, long celebrated as the place where the forest meets the sea. This jungle is estimated 180 million years old, making it the oldest tropical rainforest on earth. Source: 


These are three pictures showing the enthralling sights in the middle of Daintree



These are two creatures we found in the forest, the second one while having lunch with our new made friends Julia, Dave and Markus. During our journey, we had the chance to see a wallaby (a marsupial that resembles a kangaroo but in minor scale) and a cassowary, and enormous flightless bird between 1.5-1.8mts with giant legs that resembles a flying dinosaur. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture the moment with our cameras as we were uncertain how to behave in front of these majestic creatures in their habitat. By the time we grabbed our cameras, the animals were too far away leaving us with blurry pictures. Don’t worry, if you want to have an idea of how a cassowary looks, take a peak at this picture someone took with a real-size statue here Credits:



A second day, we ventured into climbing Mt. Whitfield in the region of Cairns, Queensland. You can see us fully prepared ready to climb the mountain. I particularly liked this walk for the wonderful view of the Cairns Airport. I really enjoy watching airplanes, and the feeling of seeing huge aircrafts below us as they make they way up to our level and then passing above us was incredibly satisfying





Trivia: What’s in my head?

a) Little flowers

b) Animal bugs

c) None of the above

**Please submit your answer in the comment section below**


I love this candid picture. I was stretching and admiring the view when Krystal captured the moment.

Finally we want to leave you with some humour we found in Cairns. Such a wonderful destination. A big shout-out to Nadya who recommended us this section of Australia.


Many more pictures to come!



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  1. Majito
    Nov 23 2015

    a) Little flowers


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