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November 23, 2015

Springbrook National Park

by yourewelcomeca

By: Krystal Carter

Today we hiked an ancient rainforest located at the peak of a mountain, with such high elevation that the peak was literally inside a cloud. It made for an eerie yet mystical fog heightened by the fact that this forest is estimated to be 23 million years old. In fact, they believe dinosaurs once traversed this same rainforest millions of years before our own feet touched the soil.

It was a humbling experience, one that made us put North America’s young age, and our own place in history into perspective.

DSCN6869Following Guillermo deep into the foggy rainforest with spooky sounds of trees crackling, frogs croacking and small animals scurrying under fallen leaves



We also visited a natural bridge carved out by a volcanic explosion 23 million years ago. That volcano carved out the shape of the escarpment and cascading waterfalls that visitors see today


Waving from the top of the Natural Bridge


The caves are home to a unique phenomenon. Visitors brave enough to stay after dark can watch the water light up due to its inhabitant glow worms.



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