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February 16, 2016


Sydney postcard views (Part 2)

by yourewelcomeca

Hello everyone! It took us a while to put together all these pictures as we have been traveling and exploring a lot. Here is the second part of the postcard views series. Featuring: Sydney Harbour and Newtown. The latter, one of the coolest places we have visited, with antique buildings and houses that evoked the past.

Our first stop: The Sydney Opera House.


I had the chance to hold a little crocodile outside the Opera House. There is currently a reptile exhibition and this was part of their promoting efforts.DSCN7965

I bet you have never seen the Opera House tiles so close. Well, that’s how they look…you are welcome!DSCN8010


Now, let’s travel to Newtown, located 20 minutes drive from the harbour area. We stayed in this town for a couple of nights and we enjoyed the little shops, the urban expression and of course, the gastronomy options!


What do you think? Would you visit Newtown?

Next post will be from New Zealand, stay tuned!



Photo credits: Krystal

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  1. It looks so cool and the pictures are fantastic.
    Keep enjoying life

  2. Alexander Super Tramp
    Feb 17 2016

    Nice pictures. NZ Postcard please.


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