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March 17, 2016


What Happens When You Skydive the First Time

by yourewelcomeca

wanaka4upsideIf you “landed” on this post because you are going to jump from a plane for the first time, I salute you.

You are about to experience an unforgettable moment you will remember vividly for the rest of your life.

**SPOILER ALERT** If you want to discover these feelings for yourself, STOP reading and come back after your jump to leave a comment.

I had the opportunity to plunge 12,000 ft. (about 45 sec. free fall) with my tandem instructor,  in one of the most spectacular places in the world: Wanaka Lake in New Zealand, one hour away from Queenstown, South Island.

Here are the ten things I discovered when I skydived for the first time:

1.Clouds are cold

How many times have you wondered what it feels like to touch and lay down on a soft and cuddly cloud? Well, I am sorry to break it to you but clouds are cold. Really cold.

2.Your mouth will dry

I kept yelling and talking to the camera (of course no one heard anything). After a moment, I realized my mouth and throat were extremely dry so I continued screaming anyway, but with moderation. I can only imagine how fast your eyes get dry if not wearing goggles.

3.Your ears will hurt (moderately depending on every person)

When you fill the questionnaire they usually ask if you have any ear infection or a cold because it could make the activity very painful. I kept opening my mouth to unclog my ears.


4.The harness between your legs will hurt your crotch

Specially in my case, as I am a little overweight, depending on your shape, you might not feel any discomfort at all. You feel the little pain once the parachute has deployed.

5. The moment you see the first person falling is when it hits you

I was really enjoying the plane ride and for a moment forgot the unconventional way I was going to land. It wasn’t until I saw the camera diver jump off the plane when it hit me.


6.No one looks good wearing the skydive outfit

Zero exceptions. Get ready to rock a one piece overall, a pointy helmet and goggles.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.35.19 PM

7.Time and space will have a different meaning

Whether you are upside down or upright while plummeting, one second felt not like a second in real life, it felt an eternity. Your body is filling a space in the universe that is difficult to comprehend.

8.Tug of gravity

You will experience a feeling of being attracted to the centre of the earth and feeling light-weight simultaneously. Some people describe this sensation as floating. I still don’t understand the theory of relativity, but I was close to do so. Thanks Albert Einstein, I almost got it!

9.There is a deeper connection between you and your tandem instructor

Whether you like or not, your life depends on that beautiful stranger. With Jerry, my instructor, I felt like we have met before and made me feel safe from the first moment.


10.The free-fall is an action that your brain takes time to register

I read somewhere that what you are about to do, makes no sense. Jump out of a plane and fall. What I like the most about this part is that while free falling I was fully present. Nothing else was in my mind, no fear, no anxiety, just blank in the now, my five senses fully engaged…enjoying every single second.



Want to watch the video? Click here



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  1. Ara
    Mar 18 2016

    Your description actually makes me want to try it!! Almost…
    The video gave me chills.
    You guys are brave!!

    • Mar 18 2016

      Thanks you Ara. It’s an experience I think everyone should try


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