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Great Barrier Reef

Hello everyone! Today we are going to share our trip to the Great Barrier Reef, considered the world’s largest coral reef system. During our adventure, we had the chance to swim between beautiful banks of colour fish and we even swam with a shark!

We bought a disposable waterproof camera and it was difficult to take pictures underwater. We did our best, here are some shots of an unforgettable day!70940012 Read more »


Byron Bay…(sigh)

We rented a car to make a day trip to a destination everyone was talking about. The ride was a pleasant 1.5hr drive from our location. After entering the New South Wales territories and moving our clocks one hour forward, we found Byron Bay with a greeting sing that reads: “Welcome to Byron Bay. Cheer up*Slow Down*Chillout”

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Currumbin pool jump

I am not sure how vertical this drop was, but it felt gigantic.



Springbrook National Park

By: Krystal Carter

Today we hiked an ancient rainforest located at the peak of a mountain, with such high elevation that the peak was literally inside a cloud. It made for an eerie yet mystical fog heightened by the fact that this forest is estimated to be 23 million years old. In fact, they believe dinosaurs once traversed this same rainforest millions of years before our own feet touched the soil.

It was a humbling experience, one that made us put North America’s young age, and our own place in history into perspective.

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Hikes and more hikes! Cape Tribulation, Daintree Forest and Mt. Whitfield

Krystal likes to hike. And even though I am not a great hiker, I do enjoy a good lookout and that feeling when you are at the top of a mountain. Hiking is definitely a habit I would like to continue cultivating. Here is a good collection of images taken from our latest adventures in Australia.DSCN6629 Read more »


Down under! Cairns and Palm Cove beach

Hello everyone. It has been an intense past week with lots of activities and reflecting on what is happening around the globe.

With our posts, we are trying to show you how wonderful Mother Earth is, especially the people who lives in it!

By contemplating nature, we can learn how to live in HARMONY.

We send you thoughts of gratitude. This space is created as a reminder that we are in this world to LOVE each other.


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Tsukiji Fish Market, Buddhist Temples and Yurakucho Area

IMG_4026A trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market is not an ordinary field trip, as the premises are strictly accommodated to make commerce exchange and not to cater tourists. We got trapped in the middle of the market where little vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles came from every cardinal point. Overall a good experience, but unsure I will repeat it again Read more »


Origami and a stroll on Shibuya and Harajuku


We left the hotel for an early lunch. This is what my lunch looked like. Guess what is it? [Please comment below] Read more »


Asakusa District and more…

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy agenda so far. But we feel like home being hosted by our friends Ayae and Hiro who we met trough our beloved friend Kanae in Toronto. Our first stop was Asakusa District, where we decided to explore wearing Kimonos, the traditional Japanese garnment. An unforgettable experience of historic Japan.

Ayae,K and G

Outside the temple with Ayae, Krystal and I Read more »


We made it!!! First taste of Tokyo 

Narita airport. After 15+ hours of travel time, we finally made it. Kudos to the crew at Delta airlines who made the plane ride a pleasent experience Read more »