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Toronto’s Newest Daily Blog YOUREWELCOME.CA Official Launch

The blog features interview with TV personality Jason Silvia to Subway Performer Jaffa

[TORONTO – APRIL 2, 2013] is Toronto’s newest daily blog that aims to Entertain, Enlighten, and Spread the Love.  The blog covers news with a positive angle, and promotes itself as a guide to appreciating simple things.

Created by Guillermo Herrera, formerly of Hispanos En Canada, the website uses photography and videos to capture the inner beauty of things in major cities often over looked by locals. has already covered Canadian Music Fest, Toronto Design Festival, and interviewed film maker/TV personality Jason Silva, and Ximena Estrada of Stag Comedy.

“In today’s world, big city residents are so focused on living their lives – commute, work, chores – that we lose sight of the small simple things that really matter and that surround us every day.  We should appreciate those simple things, and understand that everything and everyone is beautiful,” said Guillermo Herrera, creator of “As human beings, we have the capacity to educate and learn from each other.” receives photos from all over the world of seemingly small things that most don’t take time to appreciate. Although the blog is based out of the City of Toronto, its positive message is universal.

Those interested in submitting content with a positive message, are encouraged to send their content here


Media Contact:
Guillermo Herrera
Click here




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